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Nottingham Forest appeals penalty, deducts 4 points, fails

Nottingham Forest were disappointed when they appealed a four-point deduction for breaching Premier League Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR). Nottingham Forest were originally given a four-point deduction from the Premier League’s independent committee for breaching financial rules. or under the name Premier League Profit and

Sevilla looked at Maresca but could hardly find him.

Sevilla show interest in Enzo Maresca, the Italian coach who recently led Leicester City to the Championship title. and promotion back to the Premier League. The Daily Mail, an English media outlet reports that. Sevilla, a Spanish La Liga club is impressed and has shown

Napoli offer Gudmundsson another option.

Napoli shows interest in Albert Gudmundsson Genoa’s Iceland striker and ready to compete with two favorites, Inter Milan and Tottenham Hotspur. Calciomercato journalist Daniele Longo reports that Napoli have decided to join the fight. Gudmundsson Genoa’s Iceland international winger is expected to be a hot