Easy techniques for taking beautiful landscape photos with your mobile phone.

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To take a sharp and beautiful picture of a landscape. You may need to use a camera. To record beautiful images, but for some people who may have limitations in terms of the camera’s weight being quite high. Not convenient to carry around with you. Or maybe you’re still not confident in taking photos. So I don’t want to invest in a big camera. that has a relatively high price But I want to capture the beautiful view in front of you to see, especially for those who come. Serious mountain hiking where carrying a camera is expensive. It’s no different from a good burden, so for beginners, using a mobile phone to take photos is another interesting option. 

Currently, many mobile phones have developed mobile cameras with higher image resolution. To the extent that many professional photographers are excited about the greater variety of functions and features of today’s smartphones. Therefore ยูฟ่าเบท, if there is a simple technique for taking landscape photos with a mobile phone. You can record beautiful views. Can be store as well.

You should take deep photos.

Many people wonder what deep field photography is. Simple explanation It is the focus of the image. Give every part of the picture In focus of our camera May be by selecting focus manually. With Pro mode or using Auto mode (most mobile phone cameras If we don’t lock focus on the object It will be adjusted to have deep clarity already.)

The horizon must not be tilted.

It can be said that it is a basic principle that many people miss: landscape photography. Where the line of the sky tilts left and right (the horizon line is the furthest point that our eyes can see). Doing so will cause the image to be unbalance. And it looks like a beautiful view. But it’s not the end.

Turn on the camera’s HDR mode.

Taking beautiful landscape photos The sky is consider another element. That makes the picture look colorful With a bright blue color. When we turn on HDR, it will help us to capture more detail details of the sky or clouds. And the important thing is that the sky is hardly the same every day. Make the same place on different days It might make the picture more beautiful than before. With different stories.

Use composition techniques in photography.

Landscape photography It’s not just the beautiful view or the impressive atmosphere. The way we pick up elements in photography Whether it’s the Rule of 3 parts Line leading the eye. It will help add interest to the image.

Magic Hour is an important time.

Landscape photography time to choose Go out and take pictures in various places. It will give you a different feeling. And the popular time for everyone to choose to take landscape photos It’s the time before dark. Or what photographers call Magic Hour because during this time The sky will have many colors. Blue mixed orange Or in some seasons there will be purple too.