Can’t sleep at night, be careful. Cheerful disease. 

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Cheerful disease or Lychnobite is a disease that results from living an unbalanced life. As a result, the body clock is distorted. The main cause of the disease arises from our own lifestyle habits. It is found mostly in teenagers, working people, office workers, creative people, programmers, night shift workers. and freelancers.

Many ” working age people” find themselves starting to ” sleep late ” often or are unable to sleep at night. like to work at night Because ideas flow, think quickly, work exceptionally smoothly. And often feel sleepy during the day. These behaviors are considered symptoms of ” Cheerfulness Disease ” which is increasingly found in urban lifestyles. with borderless technology connected to everyday life to the point of being inseparable.

Including groups of people who like to travel on social media at night. Often scrolling through the feed on the screen until it’s past bedtime. Makes you sleep late regularly As a result, when you wake up in the morning you will feel drowsy throughout the day, your brain will be slow, you won’t be able to concentrate, leading to the behavior of “cheerful disease” which in the โปรโมชั่น ufabet long run will have more negative effects on your health than you think.

Behaviors that cause euphoria

  • Read, work, or play games day and night. Until the night I didn’t sleep. Before I knew it, I saw the first light of a new day.
  • Addicted to your smartphone or like to play with your smartphone before going to bed. Blue light from smartphone screens stimulates the nervous system so that it is not drowsy. And it also makes it harder than usual to sleep.
  • Addicted to coffee or energy drinks It might be drinking to stay awake. This will help you rush to finish your work or finish reading a book. Even though it helps the body to be energized at that time, when the drink wears off, the body will feel tired. Drinking these drinks in a row together for a long time It may also be addictive. If you don’t drink, you won’t have energy. Resulting in abnormal daily life.

What are the symptoms of people with euphoric disorder

We all have days when we sleep late and wake up late. During the daytime, it is normal to feel sleepy and drowsy. But for those who are cheerful There will be different symptoms:

People with cheerful disease You will feel energized, able to concentrate, your brain will be excited, and you will have good ideas. and have fun working during the night This is not just ordinary meditation. But people with cheerfulness disorder will be able to concentrate better than usual. and work efficiently at night Even if it looks like it’s a good result But it had a bad effect during the daytime. 

After fully meditating Full of cheer as the sun sets. during daytime People with euphoric disorder feel tired. Always sleepy, unable to concentrate, dizzy, unable to wake up early. Because the body isn’t resting, you have to snooze the alarm clock continuously. Some people may experience mood swings. Easily irritated and irritable which is a result of not getting enough sleep.

But the effects of euphoric disorder are not just daytime sleepiness. If you don’t hurry to adjust your behavior It will cause harm to the body in the long run. and accelerate the shortening of our lifespan!!